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Foreign Body on the Cornea: Understanding, Treatment, and Expertise at Khanna Vision Institute


Foreign body on the cornea is a common eye-related issue that many individuals face. It involves the presence of an external object or particle on the surface of the cornea, which can lead to discomfort, irritation, and sometimes even vision impairment. Whether it’s a speck of dust, a grain of sand, or any other minute particle, understanding its potential harm and seeking prompt treatment is vital.

Foriegn Body On Cornea

Understanding the Issue:

Foreign bodies on the cornea can be due to various reasons. Simple day-to-day activities, like walking on a windy day, can sometimes lead to such incidents. These particles might appear minor but can cause significant irritation and redness in the eye. If not addressed timely, they might lead to infections or other complications.

Foriegn Body On Cornea | Rajesh Khanna MD


  • Redness and irritation in the eye
  • A sensation of something being stuck in the eye
  • Tearing or watering of the eye
  • Blurred vision or decreased vision clarity
  • Pain or discomfort, especially when blinking

The Expertise at Khanna Vision Institute:

At the Khanna Vision Institute, the team is well-equipped and trained to handle such issues. Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD, a renowned ophthalmologist with years of experience, leads the team. His expertise in dealing with foreign bodies on the cornea and other ocular challenges ensures patients receive top-tier care.

Treatment Options:

Upon visiting the Khanna Vision Institute, the process begins with a thorough examination to identify the foreign body. Once detected, Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD and his team adopt the best approach for its removal. This might involve a simple procedure with sterilized equipment or, in rare cases, a minor surgical intervention.

Prevention Tips:

  • Always wear protective eyewear when engaged in activities where foreign particles may enter the eye, such as woodworking or gardening.
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes if you feel an irritant, as it can cause further damage.
  • Wash hands regularly and avoid touching the eyes with dirty fingers.


Foreign body on the cornea, though common, should never be taken lightly. Immediate attention and expert care are paramount to prevent further complications. At the Khanna Vision Institute, patients can rest assured that their eyes are in the hands of experts. Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD and his dedicated team, with their unparalleled expertise, ensure that every patient walks out with clear vision and comfort. Remember, your eyes are precious; give them the care they deserve.

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